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The Wet and Messy Transformation

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Welcome to the world of  WAM (Wet and Messy) aka 'Sploshing' after the eponymous magazine Splosh! - It is a sexually driven fetish or obsession revolving around the sensual and visual enjoyment of:


getting yourself messy;

getting someone else messy;

or simply watching other people getting messy


with harmless, food based substances like pies, custard, treacle and flour but also including water, mud, oil and paint - (Please note: body fluids and excretia are NOT considered a part of this fetish!) In some cases sexual acts are also performed (but please note that this is not the case on this site). This site concentrates on the fun and anarchic spectacle.

To the casual observer, this activity might appear to be very similar to a scene from slapstick comedy - albeit often very extreme version! The model or models usually dress up in very nice clothes and act out as scenario which involves some or all of the performers being subjected to various - and frequently - very large  amounts of messy substances for a concentrated period of time. They might well be fully covered from head to foot repeatedly during the scene. The model is usually able to wash off and clean themselvers up within a reasonable time but clothing is often damaged beyond repair.

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